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Read more about Master Match. From day one, an ever-growing number of professionals and enthusiasts have trusted our expertise and meticulous approach to creating the finest digital processors on the planet.

Matching that world-class sound has never been easierThe Dyna-Mu glue for your mix

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Classic T-RackS Compressor. This way you can decide whether you want to go for a more compressed sound or a more dynamic one while still retaining the emotional impact of your songs. The Dyna-Mu is an exceptional all-rounder that will work wonders on full mixes as well as single sources. This ultra-high resolution processor is the most transparent equalization tool digital audio technology allows today, offering crystal pure processing for the most musical adjustment to any tracks.

For a comparison chart, see Details page. Use of these names does not imply any cooperation or endorsement. Simply put, no other platform allows such unprecedented versatility.

Classic T-RackS Equalizer. We also made it a lot larger to help you visually perform all these tasks with greater precision. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. The waveform view allows for super-fast editing operations of the waveform such as trimming, fading and looping of a selected area as well as placing snapshots for settings recall.

Matching that world-class sound has never been easier The ultimate mix and mastering workstation from the creator of the first desktop mastering software. Highlights Pre-Order Today. Pre-Orders are now being taken. Just click on the module and tweak its parameters.

4 new processors - the family just got bigger

Just like in the previous T-RackS versions, the main module view shows the currently selected module, always sitting on top of the main frame so that its controls are quickly accessible. New streamlined, e tds return software resizable interface T-RackS lets you get the job done faster and better than anything else.

From equalizers and compressors, to reverbs, delays, harmonics enhancers and stereo processors, the choice is yours. This can be achieved using the Master Match as a stand-alone processor or at the end of a pre-existing processing chain. You may also be interested in these products.

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Just turn its knobs, experiment and hear the mojo. The ultimate mix and mastering workstation from the creator of the first desktop mastering software.

We will keep adding presets on a regular basis, so be sure you know when they are available. Add to this a set of astoundingly precise and smooth, easy on the eye industry standard professional meters and you have everything you need to finalize your work from A to Z in one place. Read more about the metering section.