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Kantha locks him up in a cellar and treats him like an untouchable. Veera Bhadra comes out, looking at Manda, and dares him to kill. The title song of this movie is superb. Navila Navila Story The film is set in the s. It's a true depiction of human emotions.

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Surya thinks that he has missed a great chance and another chance will not come so easily and decides to surrender for protection plots to kill Prathap Ravi. The bus breaks down and the passengers are required to walk to the nearby village.

After a point, you are oblivious to the gore. Amar returns home to Delhi, where his family has found a potential bride for him in Preeti Nair Preity Zinta. Veera Bhadra lashes out at Narasimha Reddy for being unfair to the underprivileged communities and storms out. Tigmanshu Dhulia has handled the film's dialogues adroitly. One evening, he goes to Chandra's house to beg.

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He starts living in Kantha's house. Pratap orders his action team to kill anyone who opposes him. Amar questions Meghna's motives, and she reveals to Amar that her name is actually Moina. This Site has been created in appreciation of Indian Music only and without any commercial motive. After some time, Kantha throws him out of her house and Mohan loses his eyesight in the process.

Rakta Charitra Telugu Movie songs. Rakta Charitra is not for the faint-hearted. Rakht Charitra is replete with violence, yet blows you away! Raktha kanneeru telugu full movie upendra. You may not download the songs, ware mp3 converter reproduce the songs in any way that results in copyright violation.

It is chilling, raw, revolting, crass and ghastly, the kind that is meant to repulse you. He again spots her at a post office.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The Tamil version of the track. Moina says it is too late, and presumes Amar is being killed. Surya, on the other hand, doesn't want to take revenge straight away, and tells him to be patient and to leave the matter as it is, as he doesn't want to put his mother and sister in any danger.

Prathap thinks he can't do anything because he is in jail, which makes him defenceless. During the first night, he asks Chandra for a lip-to-lip kiss and when she refuses to do so, he becomes angry.

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Author Write something about yourself. Dil Se was nevertheless a flop in India. They reject his claims of innocence and sedate him. Is there some way you could get it? As Nagamani Reddy is sitting on his lawn conversing with a police officer, he is shot at by Pratap, who is dressed as the cop, and his men, dressed as cops as well, kill most of the policemen.

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He prefers to stay at the birthday party of Kantha's mother to the last rites of his deceased mother. Amar learns that she lied about being married. Meghna is also in Delhi, and requests Amar to help her get employment at Amar's office. Amar chases him down to Connaught Place, where the man runs into police and kills himself with cyanide. When no one in Andhra has the courage to stand up against Ravi, a man comes into light to seek revenge on Prathap.

If you disagree with the policies of this site, please terminate your connection now! Surya's friends put teargas and create panic, and under the cover of smoke, Surya escapes from the scene and returns to the prison. Mani Ratnam also co- wrote the screenplay for the film with Tigmanshu Dhulia. After two years, Mohan is suffering from leprosy.

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Home About Me Blog Contact. This insults him greatly and he asks his secretary for the one who can stop Bukka Reddy. Muddu Krishna kills Umapati and saves Bhavani. Surya convinces Bhavani to stand for election. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions.

He travels to Leh, and while recording the Sindhu Darshan Festival, a suicide bomber is chased to death by the military. History of blood is a Indian biographical political action thriller based on the life of Paritala Ravindra.

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The songs are meant for promotional purposes only and their sole copyright rests with their respective Audio Music Company. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. When Pratap Ravi goes to the police station to ask about his brother, the inspector shows him Shankar's dead body and mocks him. Immediately, Bukka Reddy is arrested.

He adds to Surya that the same circumstances will change him into a Ravi. They plan to kill Nagamuni Reddy, but they are cautious as there is heavy police security in his house. Pratap assures him his vengeance but asks him to forget everything for some time. Those shades are defined as attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death.

Infuriated with his brother's murder, Pratap Ravi and Veerabhadra's men kill all the police officers and the inspector. We are not aware of any possible copyright violations. After this failure Pratap Ravi is warned by Shivaji Rao. However, one of Ravi's closest gang member, Umapati, is already on his way to kill Bhavani.

We will more than happy to help you. He immediately gathers his men and calls Babu Qadri, who had sought Pratap's help in avenging his sister, to lead the execution of Bukka Reddy. In prison Surya befriends Muddu Krishna by telling him his story. By downloading any files from this site, you adhere to the rule above. This brings the film story to its climax.

Narasimha summons Veera Bhadra and asks him not to contest the polls with his contestants, but rather support Nagamuni Reddy's. Amar agrees to marry Preeti because he does not hope to meet Meghna again. More blood and more killings leave you numb your seat.