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Wheover comes here is only temporarily mad, but the ones on the outside are permanently so. Struggling to find a foot in the start-up scene, two aspiring entrepreneurs are entangled in a vicious loop of investigative trials following an unprecedented crime.

Soon, Manu manages to slip out, but during his escape, which takes him through the female wing of the asylum, he catches a glimpse of Devika played by Aindrita Ray and is smitten by her. The movie ends with Devika encountering him near his house. At the asylum, Manohar demonstratively attempts to explain the mix-up but he is not believed.

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As they are not allowed to mingle by the asylum staff, the inmates under Shankrappa's leadership hatch and execute a plan to allow Manu to meet Devika. Learn more More Like This. He also bonds with Raju Thalikote, who is a self declared veteran of the asylum. Manu takes a nearby tea-cup to catch the urine and prevent getting wet. Everyone sees this and his prior behavior as confirmation that he is mentally unstable.

Devika and Manu decide to return to the asylum. Preetam falls in love at first sight with Nandini.

He loves two things most, his bull and the village beauty Jummi. So, they decide to leave him there. In a small village in Karnataka lives Docomo, a cowherd. She is generally considered to be the main contributing factor towards Aindrita's glamour quotient.

Aimless Vishal falls in love with Nandini, but she is forced to marry someone else because of his casual attitude towards life. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Although he escapes, he changes his mind and returns to the asylum to pursue a relationship with her.

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He keeps on shuffling from one place to another. She doesn't respond right up until they go to the hospital, and convinces Manu to re-enter it.

Kanna Haniyondige Song Lyrics From Manasaare

She also asks him to do something with his life, and not throw it away by spending his time criticizing the people around him. Jaggesh, Rakshit Shetty, Anant Nag. They fake syncope, and when the staff leave for a prayer assembly, they sneak out to meet Devika. When she awakens the morning after being spirited away by Manu, she attacks him. Devika asks him, rather nonchalantly, as to how could that be his problem, and Manu comes around - with both of them pitying society, and walking away.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Will Vishal be able to start afresh with any other girl? Manu soon discloses his story to Shankrappa, who advises him to talk to Dollar, who in turn has always had an uncanny knack to escape from the asylum. Devika is a dental student who is in the asylum as she has cultivated intense misandry, after a lecturer misbehaved with her. Devika construes this as Manu's betrayal, and of the disingenuousness of his love, and spurns him.

The next morning, she discovers this, but while waking up Manu, unintentionally scares and nearly kills him when he falls down a railway overbridge. Watch this movie with your family on a sunday afternoon.

The film soundtrack and score was composed by Mano Murthy with lyrics by Yogaraj Bhat and veteran lyricist Jayant Kaikini. They then proceed to the asylum, but stop for the night. Currently he has also written the story and the screenplay of Bhat's new movie Pancharangi.

Manu and Satish are arrested and reprimanded for their foolishness, but they are soon released. His friend Satish Satish Neenasam is a neighbour and cable operator, whose love for one of their neighhour - Bhamini, is unrequited. The many interesting and philosophical scenes give an intellectual edge. Yograj Bhat in collaboration with co-writer Pawan Kumar, of Lucia fame, has given a family entertainer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As he leaves, he encounters Dollar who had managed to finally escape returning to the asylum, claiming that there was nothing in the world worth living for outside the asylum. Manu's aunt decides to get him married into a wealthy family, to get rid of him and an attempt to temper his behaviour. However, in front of everyone, they accuse Manu of being complicit in the charade, so that he could enjoy a free ride at the hospital. Manu was near the van when the guards went after the escapee.

Pawan also played the character Dollar in the movie Manasaare. The sweet romance set in the monsoons, boosted by too good songs and music. Manu's life is thrown out of gear, as he realizes that he has no choice but to live the life of a lunatic, although he is not. Bhamini gets married to a software engineer, and at the wedding reception, tells Manu that she loves him, age of empires 2 utorrent but couldn't live with him given his status.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Two self-declared vastu experts try to mend a broken family using their expertise in vastu shastra. When he arrives at his uncle's place however, he is once again exposed to the ridicule of people. The guards notice him and take him as the escapee. The screenplay of the movie is written by Pawan Kumar, who also wrote the screenplay for Lagori.

While they are visiting the intended's family, a baby next to Manu begins urinating. Kannada industry needs more movies like Manasare which is a commercial movie with a message. Anant Nag, Ramesh Bhat, Mahendra. Manu is angry, and is about to leave her to her own devices, when she laughs at his rant, and he is smitten again. The van is transporting about a dozen patients bound for an asylum.