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The breeze off the water is exceptionally refreshing, and the wide-open spaces are a perfect antidote to the tight confines of the city. Despite the name, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is not actually a monastery at all, and no monks live on the site. At night, the skyline changes character completely as the sky darkens and the city lights fill the scene. It also allows you to skip waiting in line to by tickets at individual attractions. You can hike between these two villages, and many tourists choose to take the ferry to one of these and then hike to the other to catch the ferry back to Hong Kong Island.

Celebrities and local politicians dine there, feasting on well-prepared seafood and dim sum. Once you've reached Big Wave Bay, you have the option of catching a taxi or mini bus to nearby Shek O. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, located in Sha Tin, offers a beautiful and peaceful escape from the bustle of central Hong Kong and a look at the countryside.

Hong Kong Ocean Park Admission. As far as music is concerned, they even list annual sales charts of albums from the previous year based on Western charts, Mandarin charts and other charts from places all over the world. Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. The latter location is the best place to watch the nightly A Symphony of Lights laser and light show set to music. Attractions are spread across both areas, but Hong Kong Island has a greater proportion of the most popular sites and more outdoor dining and entertainment options.

People come here for everything from shopping and entertainment to visiting temples and historic sites. Ever heard of sites where you can download full albums, movies and other media for free? The Dragon's Back Hiking Tour.

Partnerships Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? The ride terminates at the small tourist-focused Ngong Ping Village, which you'll have to walk through before reaching the monastery and Big Buddha. This Buddhist temple dates to the s but was rebuilt in the s in traditional Tang Dynasty style.

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Tai O is home to people who live a quieter, more traditional way of life. Also worth checking out is scenic Shek O Beach. If you have time to spare in Hong Kong, be sure to see the street markets. Hong Kong has another side as well, where you'll find forest-covered mountains, hiking trails, beautiful beaches, islands, and traditional fishing villages.

It's a pleasant change from the buzz of the big city to hear birds singing, the sound of small waterfalls, and the leaves rattling in the ocean breeze. The complex was built in the s but is still listed as a historic site. In the square stands a large pagoda, and statues surround the complex. It naturally eases you into learning Chinese language.

Hong Kong has an energy about it that is hard to describe. Things to Do in Hong Kong. Lana Law If you are looking for a quick escape from the city and want a complete break from streets and cars, one of the easiest and most rewarding things to do is to take a ferry to Lamma Island. One of the most efficient and fun ways to learn song lyrics before you try your hand at karaoke is with FluentU.

It can be a bit confusing finding your way. For a dependably good meal, try Bistecca Italian or Brickhouse Mexican. Once found, they can be either streamed, downloaded or both. Users are encouraged to socialize with other friends who use Spotify by sharing songs and playlists and checking out what others are listening to.

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Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island. You can start your free trial with Moov here.

Afternoon tour - Lantau Enlightenment Tour. Check the ferry schedule for times. Interactive Transcripts on FluentU. This minute long extravaganza showcases awe-inspiring fireworks, among the biggest and brightest anywhere. For a quick hop into mainland China, you can easily catch a train to Shenzhen, just over the border, for a look around and some shopping.

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Hong Kong is one of the most impressive cities in the world, certainly, idm registered version with crack but there's much more here than meets the eye. Lana Law Hong Kong has one of the most impressive and recognizable skylines in the world.

When selecting a place to stay in Hong Kong, you will need to decide whether you want to base yourself in Kowloon, or across Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island. Many people visit Tai O village after they've made the journey up to the Big Buddha. This site is known for being a top Chinese music search engine for many people. Discover destinations, find outdoor adventures, follow the journeys of our travel writers around the world, and be inspired. If you want to head farther inland and see some of China's most beautiful scenery, consider taking a bullet train from Shenzhen to Guilin and explore the Li River and quaint town of Yangshuo.

Buses and taxis are available to take you back to the city. Be sure to check out the directories located at the main entrances.

Occasional sightings of the endangered pink dolphin occur in the nearby waters. This hotel is near the top of the Mid-Levels escalator, but still very convenient for dining and sightseeing. This is a much more relaxed and casual atmosphere than at Repulse Bay. If you are looking for a quick escape from the city and want a complete break from streets and cars, one of the easiest and most rewarding things to do is to take a ferry to Lamma Island. The city has no shortage of great hiking trails and one, in particular, The Peak, offers one of the best panoramas of the Hong Kong skyline.

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One of Hong Kong's most fun events, this Chinese festival celebration usually takes place in May or June it's timed to the lunar calendar. The Tsim Sha Tsui district is a melting pot of culture and commerce that speaks to the heart of Hong Kong. If you want to dine on some of the world's best food without blowing the bank, you're in the right city. Festival Walk, packed with more than retail shops and restaurants, should be tops on your list. There are also special programs focused on the North and South Poles.