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The sendChat function is the function that sends the message you enter. This is the best popup chat have seen in the web.

Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat

But is getting while after a refresh. Really great application, good work! Ulan, i tried the sound as you said, but it doesnt work as well, can you explain it more detail please? You would need to check if there is new data new messages when the heartbeat is performed, then play the sound.

Could you point out to me the location? Whenever i create a username of special characters or the username contains spaces, the chat window did not open. But I want to know if facebook chat bar will be released as free software Only the client side code?

Another great thing that few people know is that Skype is all about surprises, predator calls mp3 they have many hidden emoticons and animated smileys. Thank you for publishing it.

Implement jQuery mobile or something similar. If we opened chat window in multiple tabs or window, the chat will show in all of the tabs or window like gmail. It would be good to have all your variables and functions in a single namespace. Do I need to be running my website on a dedicated server?

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So it is included only if user is online. Olivier Yes, you can use CometChat without vB. But my problem is, all my web pages are jsp pages, also how to convert chat.

Very nice and simple script! Have a suggestion i want to debate with you. When I minimize or maximize a chatbox, it starts a load event in the list div. The clearness in your post is simply excellent and i can assume you are an expert on this subject.

Have you implemented it into your website? Are you sure the database connection is okay? When sending msg from one user to another, its not getting at a time, after reloading a page couple of time, mesg shows in chat box. Or are you trying to run it standalone?

If you derive a commercial advantage by having a closed source solution, you must purchase an appropriate number of commercial licenses. Is there a way to use this without including the entire jquery library? Because in real world, you usually have file chat. It can cause confusion in users chatting. But it return always the same chatname aven it is from different databas table.

Chat window does not scroll down with scroll bar. Hi guys, Can anyone help me on how to two user will chat each other and stored that chat history and also how to get user i online or not? So I rewritten the action part, to work with a servlet.

It is possible but would require a lot of changes. Please test it and let me know if I need to do some correction. Has anyone resolved the problem of username with symbols. If you show your actual code I can help you. Is it possible to change some things like a clear windows and adding timestamp?

Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat

Please alex send it to me it is very useful for our community site. Charles Hi, yes push technology is complex, which is why very few are doing it right. Below you can find Skype's basic emoticon set, animated emoticons, and even hidden Skype emoticons as well as their secret codes and shortcut keys to start sharing your emotes with ease.

Is there any protection against spammers? When the username with whom i want to chat contains special characters like a symbol or a period. No other user can see the chat between two users. Wow man, what a great app. Right now the flatfile database functions are still in development, and they are taking on an sql-like syntax.

Is it possible to have chat between two users only? It keeps checking for a response and not waiting for it. Can you make tutorials preferably video on how to create and edit this step by step?

Ivan Hello, I assume you are talking about having multiple windows of the same user open at the same time. It will be great if you can make this more available in production use. Since the script is not using Comet, I suggest you keep the number of simultaneous users not more than a though I have not load tested the script, it should work. Just understand my concern. If your interested I could send you the code.

Otherwise the window appears absolute in the bottom of the page and not of the window. Also same problem in Safari. It only does it when there is a comma or single quote.

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Much like that of Facebook. Maybe in few years you will be building a super successful app like skype. It is working fine in my local meachine but fails when i uploaded to server. Anant garg and very easy to work with. Hi guys, I started helping people out with this script a while ago when I came across it, but unfortunately a lot of you have been left without answers.