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In Hans Zimmer soundtrack style like. Dramatic, apocalyptic and very powerful epic cinematic track with strong energizing and intense atmosphere, that will keep your attention through the whole music track. Inspiring and motivational theme for piano and strings. Music has a very effective role in creating out a scene more realistic and pleasurable.

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As dramatic trailers, dark and mysterious background, depression and sorrow emotions and more. Perfect background music for motivation, epic stories, youtube projects, teasers, adventure Hollywood movie trailer, video games, commercial videos, heroic scenes, social projects. This is deep futuristic hip-hop track with modern groove and abstract atmospheric sound. These are a few images conveyed by the melancholic, yet inspirational orchestral loop. It is very important to offer a realistic and justified music.

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Longing piano chords backed with cello and acoustic guitar develop a story of drama and emotion suggesting and end scene or ending, love or sense of loss and regret. Beautiful atmospheric cinematic track with magical, motivational and hopeful mood. Beautiful piano orchestral track with sensitive and emotional mood. An epic, heroic, dramatic, inspirational original score. This is an ambient hip hop track with vocal samples, strings, deep bass and piano.

The emotional music or dramatic music is more useful in the opera as it balances the situation very well. Conveys a sense of magic and awe. This is beautiful and grandiose cinematic music with orchestral sound and epic adventure mood. Orchestral and victorious hybrid orchestral with a powerful and dramatic sound.

Very good for atmospheric films, hypnotic timelapse, travel journey, reflective moments and other. Great for trailers, video games and adverts. Apocalyptic epic dubstep royalty free music with massive repetitive and dark sound, destructive and provocative elements.

Perfect background music for inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, bittersweet sentimental videos, personal growth projects, life achievements, and more. Here we have a bright emotional piano, strings staccato, cello, viola, violin, glock, horns, sub bass. Ideal for cinematic video projects, medical film, determination, state between life and death, strength and tenderness. Epic and dramatic symphonic composition for heroic moments.

This is powerful pop rock music with inspiring and very motivational atmosphere. Perfect underscore for melodrama, dramatic love stories, nostalgia, homesickness, sweet and tender moments of life. Dramatic orchestral music is one of them.

Featuring a building orchestra with powerful symphonic strings, strong percussion, brass and piano. Perfect background audio for romantic and inspiring videos, love stories, cinematic project, film credits, heart-felt slideshow for Valentin's Day and other video projects. Atmospheric synths and voices build to a huge climax with bold horns, driving strings, choirs and pounding percussion. To make the scene demanding and affective appropriate use of the music is required. Emotional cinematic orchestra background music.

This is beautiful, light and emotional cinematic music with magical and uplifting dramatic orchestra. Perfect background music for adventure films, intros, presentations, fantasy movies and trailers, games, nature timelapse and other video projects. Great for war themes, games, documentaries, and more.

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This is a slow ambient drama film music, full of sadness and emotions. An atmospheric start slowly builds in dramatic tension to an awesome finale. Beautiful inspirational, solo piano track, that is ideal for evoking a tender, romantic ambiance. Opera is a traditional form of drama which involves text as well as the music.

This music relies on the demand of the scene and text. Emotional and dramatic track perfect for movie trailers, romantic adventures film, promos, and anything where you need a powerful, melodic and brave underscore. Conveys power, determination and awe. Suitable for funeral and memorial videos, apocalypse and tragedy, post-war and disaster scenes, lyrical and sentimental films, dramatic trailers, depression and sorrow.


Sad, dramatic and melancholic instrumental music track. Dynamic and exciting instrumental version of a popular Christmas classic that features dramatic orchestral colors with a slow and steady, escalating explosive buildup. The sound effect in the music is equally balanced and makes the visuals more affective.

This epic soundtrack is great for victorious projects, motivational videos, historical documentaries, cinematic or game trailers. This is optimistic and motivational orchestral music with bright atmosphere and inspiring mood. This epic inspirational theme will work great in motivational videos, epic film scenes, and other media projects that need an emotional and epic soundtrack. Inspirational, emotional and moving music track, featuring piano, electric guitars, background strings, bass and drums.

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This modern Yann Tiersen and Max Richter like elegant classical piano and orchestral music with a bittersweet melancholic, yet motivational mood. Instruments are piano, cello, viola, violins, flute. Featuring hybrid orchestral sound that creates an adventurous, dignified mood.

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Carol Of The Bells Shchedryk. Music also plays an important role in putting life to movies and videos.

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Big heroic and pompous hip-hop with an epic and dangerous mood. Suitable for emotional scenes, epic film score, brave and heroic moments, and any project dedicated to motivate and inspire their viewers. Latin acoustic guitar music track with beautiful and emotional melodies. Strong inspirational music for sci-fi films, action movie, epic trailers, dramatic moments, sports battle, warfighting and other similar video projects.

Ideal for motivational speeches, love story, wedding videos, sad film and other. Great for epic adventures, heroism and great warriors, brave feats, end of the war, patriotic feelings, Veterans Day, dramatic scenes, triumph and success. This is epic cinematic trailer music with orchestra instruments and epic drums. Modern powerful cinematic track with dramatic orchestral strings and electronic drums. Good for travel video, inspirational films, magical journey, motivational speeches, slideshow and just listening.

Epic Emotional Soundtrack. Used piano, strings, epic drums and horns. Heartful and emotive tune with sad and hopeful melody. Very useful for period drama for scenes of dramatic emotion requiring an emotional climatic ending.

Cinematic emotional dramatic music starts with gentle and beautiful piano in the first part, that builds to a powerful epic orchestra in the second part. The uplifting and dramatic mood will evoke feelings of freedom and nostalgia, movies for galaxy note connecting with your audience at a deep level. Dramatic opera music involves many types of equipment such as acoustic enhancement with speakers and orchestra. Epic and inspirational instrumental music theme with a grand cinematic feel.

Here we have used the piano, cello, viola, violin, horns, drums. Ideal background music for romantic films, trailers, slideshow, cinematic background, dramatic moments, soundtrack, promo, presentation, social media. Scene of the drama offers a appealing note to the spectators with its music. Cinematic powerful trailer music with dramatic motivational and orchestral mood. Dramatic epic and hybrid cinematic background music track.