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Incompatible Lens options are greyed-out. We appreciate your feedback about your support experience with SomewhereWarm, developers of Composite Products. Upgrade Your Subscription? For that the get an extra star.

Lots of options that will let you create different kind of configurators and meet your specific needs. It helps let customers build their own packages from components that you set. Based on the layout which has been configured in the settings tab you are able to view a different layout in the product page.

Great plugin for complicated shop function How could it be improved? Already purchased and need assistance? If you have a complex custom configuration product, then this is powerful enough to do you want if you're prepared to get your head around the logic. However, the title of the Product Bundle is hidden. Initial documentation is incredibly dense and confusing.

Looking to customize Composite Products? Awesome product with great support.

WooCommerce Shipping with Composite Products

The more detail you, provide the faster we can help. It is a great product and get supported by an excellent team. Almost there, but not quite? Love the simplicity of variable products, but need a way to manage the inventory of each option? What are Composite Products?

Its extendable architecture and developer-friendly documentation have established Composite Products as a great starting point for any demanding kit-building project. With multiple layouts and option styles to choose from, every Composite product can be quickly adapted to offer a streamlined, personalized purchasing experience.

We wanted to make a customization with the Cart view of the composite products, but didn't know how. Additionally when I reached out to the developer with some problems I had while customizing the plugin for my theme, they were extremely helpful.

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A powerful kit-building solution for WooCommerce

It is stable, has some awesome features, is very versatile and has a great support. This plugin is a tiny bit complicated to use because there are so many options but it works perfectly once you get the hang of it. As the count of Components, Component Options, or dependencies increases, the process of defining valid configuration states with Scenarios can become quite tedious.

Every site installation requires a subscription key. How about using a multi-page, multi-step layout to spread things out a bit and show more detail?

Our websites and dashboards use cookies. Even in this case I forgot to set a price, which generated the issue.

Excellent flexibility and powerful filtering options make this a great guided shopping experience for WooCommerce. In this example, the available Cameras only work with Lenses of the same manufacturer.

Composite Products

Also, if there are any queries or concerns regarding any difficulty being faced, please do reach out to us at our Support line. Support corrected any bug I found immediately. Over two dozen different combos are tucked neatly into one product. So it would be great to maybe add a custom post type for that. So I am very satisfied with this plugin overall, thank you!

Store Owner s Guide Beyond Basics

For large-scale kitting applications, the extension supports a step-by-step configuration process and a paginated, sortable and filterable view of component options. Grouped left vs None right. Nothing in mind at the moment. Excellent plugin How could it be improved? Use the Configuration section to define a valid state, and add as many Scenarios as needed to cover all valid states.

A powerful kit-building solution for WooCommerce

When using this technique to offer multiple optional products under a single Component, shoot to kill game keep in mind that some Composite Products features will be unavailable. Adding a lot of products just for one final composite product can be a bit impractical and might clutter you product list after a while. Composite Products can be used to create product kits and complex products by grouping existing simple or variable products. Product Type WooCommerce Extensions. This extension has been a life saver for my WooCommerce site.

Composite Products

On the bright side, their support is very responsive and attentive! The low score is party for the user interface, mostly because of a bug where both Woo and this plugin could not find a solution for. Too many rules to input manually? It just does what it's supposed to do. This selection will enable the store owner to begin configuring the product and add components shown below Adding Components to products.


Very complex and powerful functionality that was implemented in a way that makes things comparatively easy for admin users. Use the Configuration section to define when the Component s should be hidden. We got your back there, as well! Use scenarios to control the visibility of entire configuration steps or individual options.