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Hydra blade - by it from blacksmith in sword haven. It's esier to beat him with reinforcements so have fun! Go to the trainers and buy a cheap class you don't have I'm doing it as you picked mage. And Inquistor captain is located at Citadel. When your there have mage on then walk in the door.

You see Swordhaven burning. So someone stole my accout and changed email and password can i find the password or something to get my account back? Can I request a vecheat for Dragonlord. Now go and kill the fire mages times or more until you get the fire gem. When your health is high enough, go start attacking again.

The you see the healer by the portal, Talk to her and get a quest called Fire gem. Then talk to the drackle in the cave on the Right or one of those caves, I forget wich one then when you return the farmers Should be in the church. Stop Scan, find the accept querst packet. Morning Star g, and some random member item g. Go into the spaceship and try to pass the turrets.

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It says it's for members only, But if you use the news to go there it works fine. Then re-find all the eggs, and sell it again. Go to dwakel accept first three quest them finish them sell all items keep replaying quest and in notime youll have gold.

Fight any monster and use the skill Imbalancing Strike every time you can. You hit it with an ice shard and then run outside where the dark draconians are then Go back and attack the red dragon with ice shard again. Mages have this easy because of fireball. Click on yes and then go to a shop a click sell and sell it for gold. Then Do the lady at the church's new quest.

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Red healer robes - by it as soon as you start it has an armor shop button. The following emotes can be performed by typing the corresponding case sensitive chat command.

When you have clicked you're prepared strike, click desecive strike. These items can be purchased at the indicated location. Then after you kill him if you got the quest item called Stone Golem Arm, go back down on the Green creature the click the!

You click on story in battleon. As it got more into the game it was getting good. Usually it takes kills but it may take up to ten which can Be very tireing. When you Once kill it you get wings and a sword right?

Yyou just got Past the lazer. If you have more ways Of getting money and exp pm me them and I will ad them and credit you.

Talk to King Alteon and watch the cinematic and you will be given the choice to become either good or evil. Also you might get other stuff from him. Click on the exclaimation mark, click on quests. Game Wiki Check out our wiki for this game and add your knowledge to help it grow.

Take all of galonath quest and kill the Red dragon also if your a member. Green healer robes - same place up there. Red dragon wings - by them from ganloth. Repeat until you get as much gold as you want. After you have completed the quest, sell the staff.

Here is what Each one holds. Pet wyvern - kill it somwhat times. He will come close to you but remember not to touch the laser. If you complete it you will get g and exp.

After that, Click the magnifying glass next to the word buy. Permafrost - Keep battling monsters until you face Lord Arrgthas then defeat him. She has one quest to offer, which rewards you With a burn it down staff. Walkthroughs Walkthrough - Chaos Slayer Class. Follow the dark path or use the light.

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This is only for warrior class. Dragonslayer armor - do all of ganloths quests. Dark crystal - by it from aria. My forums Cheat book Go to control panel.

Guides Cheats Answers Forums. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. We've got cheats for the Skullwraith blade and unlocking the Paladin class, jan dara 2 2004 there's also a cheat to get k easily.

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Metrea's Disciple - Buy for at the trainers. Truffle - Purchase at Aria's shop. It'll be very easy To beat. And gold without doing any fighting not counting unlocking the quests. You can get good gold and Class Points here.

Remember Me Forgot Password. Go all the way right untill you see the Water Element. Sell the class Mage at a shop.

Blue and Red You can claim it but keep trying. Alot of things sell for Gold. Their Weapons drop take it and sell it you can stock up on all the dragon's weapon but you can Only have one of each in your inventory at a time! If you are lucky you can get a wyvern pet non members can sell them for and the pet shop in battleon. Go to protosantorium, don't go directly to him.

You will notice that the army of that dosen't move is gone. Knights of the Old Republic Adventure Quest. The mission mystery willow. Golden phenoix - by it from aria.

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