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To start downloading the application you will need a Bot serial number. Can you please detail your problem? Localization The bad words kicker module can be localized. Camfrog Bot extends its functionality with plug-in modules.

Please note that if you are not a fan of this advanced server version you are welcome to use our basic Windows Camfrog Server software that we will continue to support indefinitely. Download Camfrog Advanced Server Linux.

You can also define how often the module will update the news and post them to the chat room. Please check out our new Bot help page to learn how to use the new software.

The log file name depends on the room name. The module chooses a message to post from the message list randomly. It keeps it live and fun and interesting. The module's settings tab contains a field where you can type additional text to be displayed after the version message the text will be displayed in brackets. Here is the list of all public commands.

They need a cleaner way to stop the plugin from running, instead of crashing the whole program. If the given quantity of matches is found, the bot performs the action you have set, for example, kicking the user from the room or banning them.

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The log file name is composed of the chat room name and current date, e. Thank you so much for all your time and efforts as they are greatly appreciated.

Your memory dont increase at all by many users. Localization The math trivia game module can be localized into any language. Nice, regarding the linux version, can we have sample sources for plugin development? Greeting messages can be localized.

This cause my clients get upset. This file must be in the same directory as trivia. We are unable to reproduce any problems and none of our private beta testers had problems either. Thank you again and we are all keeping our fringers crossed for high hopes.

The package also installed without complaints as well. You may also add custom functionality to Camfrog Bot by writing your plug-in modules.

Sometimes they will do the same when the console is restarted. My hat commes off you to camfrog and its devs.

The trivia game module can be localized into any language. Version Sample Plug-In This module is distributed with open source code to help developers understand the plug-in architecture.

This advanced Camfrog server software is a completely new product made especially for advanced users with multiple rooms and it will not ever replace our basic Camfrog Server software. Statistics will be lost if the bot is restarted or the module is turned off.

The math trivia game module can be localized into any language. The module also offers a short tip specifying the area the word is related to. Kick or punish users for bad words automatically. The messenger module sends announcements to a room.

You may want to define a reason that is shown to the user when the bot is taking action. If for some reason these files do not exist, twitter app android the plug-in will recreate them automatically. Is there anyone we can talk to regarding bot development?

If regular expressions are turned on, the chat room text will be checked for matching by mask. The rating table is stored in the same directory. Greeter Full list of bot commands The Greeter module sends greeting messages when a user joins a chat room.

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Is there a built in way to get the room name the bot is currently connected to? This feature may be turned off in the settings.

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Any help from Camfrog here? Follow these steps to get started. What is the name of our planet?

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It is annoying, the console show all bots up and running, but some of them in different rooms. If the hidden fragment of the word contains the letter entered by the player, an additional letter gets opened, and so on.

Preserve the file format for the bot to understand it. The Trivia game module allows running a Trivia game in a room.