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This agreement represents the complete agreement concerning this software between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and representations between them. If you want to use a fully activated version of the Software on several devices at the same time, you must purchase as many licenses as there are devices you wish to use simultaneously. Our partners enable us to provide excellent text-to-speech, in many languages, for Mobile Speak products and to incorporate support for over twenty wireless Braille devices into our software. For the Nokia voices, the speed is not configurable. It contains all the files needed to run Mobile Speak with the Nokia voices, and also to run Mobile Magnifier.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As when this item was created, the various fields depending on the type of event can be scrolled through and edited with the joystick. Any owner of a windows mobile phone will know what this is and immediately what to do with it.

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Customer support Welcome to Nokia phones support. Although Mobile Magnifier will automatically detect the area of interest and magnify it in real-time, there may be instances where freely exploring the entire screen is needed.

Application format of salary certificate? With the center joystick key or with the left soft key, you can select the currently selected application. It appears as a list, legal document but you can also do a quick search by typing the word like in the Contacts application.

Note that you can add more than one Braille device in the Device Manager, so switching between Braille devices is possible. All numeric keys that are pressed in the Standby screen are interpreted as digits for the telephone number to be called. This setting is the default as most Braille users do not need to monitor the Braille display while typing.

Activating Stylus mode allows you to use the touch screen normally, bypassing all of the Mobile Speak touch commands. No dues certificate from company to a debtors? Please refer to the section on configuring Mobile Speak in this document for more details on the various Braille configuration options which are available. If you keep your finger pressed against the screen at the end of the slide, the gesture will repeat, allowing you to move quickly and easily through long lists or menus. You can add additional devices to this list, delete a device, view information about a device, or connect to the currently selected device.

For a given language, you must install the language package and at least one of the voices listed. Mobile Speak comes integrated with Mobile Magnifier. For a list of all the Keyboard Commands available in these layouts, please refer to the Keyboard Commands section in Appendix A.

However, it is advisable that you restart the phone when installation is done. Contact support Chat with us. Move forward one element in the web page. How do I hard reset my smartphone and completely restore it to the original factory settings?

This feature is useful when there are hundreds of words. Include in Toggle Profile Command. Move backwards in the current page using your navigation history. If installing to the same memory location, then it should be possible to install the current version without uninstalling the previous version.

On phones with hardware keys as well as a touch screen, you decide what is most convenient for you, using touch screen gestures or pressing keys. If your version of QuickWord does not allow editing, you may need to purchase a full license of QuickWord in order to be accessible with Mobile Speak. If at a later time you decide to install additional Code Factory products, or you re-install existing products, you may be required to repeat the activation process. Please check the documentation for your Braille device to find out the passcode used to connect with other devices. Veerji I have Lumia pls guide me to get the app install so that I can also get the app and search gurbani accordingly.

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Nokia software powerful apps for Symbian smartphones

Opening a document with QuickWord. If you are in a list and want to move to the next item, for example. To switch between the different groups, use the joystick left and right keys, or slide left and right if using a touch screen device when in Quadrant or Keypad mode. This mode is intended for users who prefer to interact with the phone using taps rather than by slide gestures.

If this option is off, then Mobile Speak works normally during a call and the user can navigate through the phone to, for example, check the calendar or the contacts list. You can now press any key to learn about the keyboard layout or perform a touch gesture. This option controls the scrolling behavior of the Braille line when the end of the line is reached while entering or editing text.

The command list is a useful way of using the phone if you do not wish to learn the touch screen commands as it allows you to reach the available commands through the touch interface. Note that Bluetooth is automatically switched on when the connection between devices is established again. Keypad mode and Joystick mode. In the application window, you can browse the menu.

Nokia software powerful apps for Symbian smartphones

By default, Mobile Speak is activated and Mobile Magnifier is deactivated the first time that the Mobile Speak package is installed. To exit the virtual keyboard, triple tap anywhere on the screen. Speak from the current cursor position. There is a different table for each Braille grade and language. In this mode, you can use the screen without having the Mobile Speak touch interface enabled.

The chat window will open. Jump back one element based on the current Jump Mode. To activate the command list when in Quadrant mode, perform a slide and hold gesture i.

Left Space or Right Space. Whether you choose the quick access of touch screen gestures, the easy navigation of the review cursor, or the traditional keyboard shortcuts, or a combination of all three, the choice is yours. Please check and try again. Opening File Manager will show a list of files in the phone memory, and when scrolling through this list, the name of the selected item is spoken.

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See all accessory user guides. This will sound familiar to users of previous versions of Mobile Speak Pocket. Therefore, changing the time or date on your phone may cause a trial license to expire.

Speak the previous paragraph. When starting in editing mode, the entire text will be spoken.

You can replace the default system cursor with your own customized text cursor - change its width and color, and turn blinking on or off. This table will be used when displaying text on the refreshable Braille line, or when entering text using the Braille keyboard. Toggle the User Dictionary On and Off. No due certificate format to debtors?

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To leave the chat window, click Options upper left button and then scroll down until you can select Close. You can browse this list by going up and down with the joystick key.