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The file should have been deleted once the test is complete. Using Swap manager you can manage your swap partition s and swap file s. You can contact Samsung for details. What is Swap manager and what does it do?

First of all thank you for your support. Set the cache value, apply then do a speed test. In swap manager create a swap file and switch it on. Repeat the process and see which value gives the best result. What is Hibernate apps Greenify and how does it work?

Move Apps App 2 SD APK

The selected apps will be hibernated when screen turns off. To clear app cache from your Android device, tap on the options button in the app, and choose the clear cache option from it. If both the source and destination have Linux file system then click on Create symlink option. The cache value differs from device to device so you have to do hit and trail until you find the optimum value.

It'll cache the licensing data. Is your android device tells you low memory whenever you are installing new android apps from Google Play store? Always read the release log before updating to a new version.

This is a Pro only feature. Do you want to charge your smartphone battery faster? Or you can reboot the phone to see the changes immediately.

Although this is only applicable to manual link. Nothing developers can do about this. Check out the latest and trendy deal for iPhone cases in this post. Are you looking for buying cheap cases for iPhone? Go ahead and delete the file.

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Move Apps - App 2 SD

Move Apps App 2 SD APK

You don't have to manually relink after updating an application. Red icon means internal storage. It will wipe all partitions and create one big fat partition.

Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. Android uses Mount namespace separation if Selinux is enabled. Then select the partition you want to format and it's file system. Your second partition may be already mounted.

As the name suggests it'll hibernate selected apps till next boot or they are manually run. Even though exFat is supported by the tool it might not be supported by your device.

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If partition tool is not working on your device then use Gparted or Minitools on a pc to create the partitions. On successfull import Pro version will offer you to uninstall Free version ignore it for now. If the apk of an app was not not linked but other components data, lib, obb etc were linked then make sure the app is installed to relink these components.


This is configured by Samsung. Use the contact form to drop your question s and I'll add the answer s to the list. Confirm installation of that app and you have done. If both the source and destination are on Linux file system then they can be linked using symbolic link.

If you want to create a swap partition then check the checkbox and enter the desired swap size. All you need to do is just click on the installed app, and you will see the second image like bar below the notification bar. No, you don't need to do anything special before upgrading unless it is mentioned in the release notes, funny calls in urdu mp3 you can directly upgrade to the new version.

Then click Yes and follow the instructions. Required apis to record screen is not available on lower versions of Android so it is not possible.

Long click on the row having swap file then delete using delete option. You will see uninstall, app info and more option at that bar. In the Folder Mount window enter the below details and click on ok. Instead of selecting Create select Format.

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How to use the partition tool? Here is a useful link about what is swap.