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Original Invoice Required It is the responsibility of the department to provide an original invoice and ensure duplicate copies are not submitted to Accounts Payable. Below is a sample accounts payable form. Attach appropriate expenditure receipts to the form and submit to Accounts Payable for processing. Sample Forms can answer all the questions, indian songs avi format doubts in this regard. Sample Forms Personal Guarantee Form A personal guarantee can even be called a promise or a promise of fulfillment in written terms.

Expense Reports should be submitted no later than five days after each trip ends or every two weeks if expenditures are incurred on an ongoing basis. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Independent Contractor Agreements are not maintained in Human Resources. This includes transportation from home or work to the airport.

Invoices Original Invoice Required It is the responsibility of the department to provide an original invoice and ensure duplicate copies are not submitted to Accounts Payable. Free Prenuptial Agreement Form. Illness of an employee or student requiring hospitalization. However, a guarantee if provided in written format has more authority and meaning. If you are unsure as to the proper handling of payments to be made to an individual, please contact the Accounts Payable Manager for clarification.

In situations where an honorarium is appropriate, e. Departments are not authorized to negotiate different terms or make special arrangements concerning payment terms. Alternatively, the contracting department may reserve the option to prepare a check request for each payment due according to the contract.

The back-up paperwork should verify who the check is made payable to, the remit to address, the amount due, and the business purpose. How do I find out if my check has been processed? The University is tax exempt for purchases made within the Commonwealth of Virginia only. Only those individuals having budget responsibility may approve expenditures.

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The contract should be completed and submitted before the event or work begins. Regent has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream and become what God has destined in me. Any purchase for which the business purpose is not evident.

Free Prenuptial Agreement Form A pre- nuptial agreement is the agreement or contract which a, to- be- wife and to- be- husband i. All requests being paid from research grants should be forwarded to Academic Affairs for approval. Regent University Strategic Leadership. Gifts presented to employees may be subject to applicable Federal, State, and Local taxes. Expense Reimbursements Expense reimbursements should be requested using the Expense Report form and completed by following the instructions within the document.

It proves itself of worth and value time and again. Gas purchases will only be reimbursed for rental or courtesy cars, and receipts must be provided. Please reference the Purchasing Office site for procedural guidelines when making airline and rental car arrangements for official university business. Independent Contractor or Employee? Why do I have to provide receipts if the request has been approved by department?

Accounts Payable

This form along with an original itemized receipt must be attached to the appropriate documentation for payment Purchasing Card Statement or Expense Report. If that is the case, you will be reimbursed for the costs of lodging and meals for those days. For auditing purposes, we are required to have documentation on all reimbursements made by Regent University. How to Write a Complaint Form.

Request further documentation or explanation of expenses that appear to be excessive or unusual. If a check needs to be reissued, please contact the Accounts Payable Manager to submit your request. If you receive a sufficient meal provided by the conference or the hotel, please do not also claim per diem for that meal. Any decisions related to traveling the day before or staying the night the meeting ends should be documented. At all times, the total of the undistributed gift cards and the disbursement log must equal the total of all gift cards purchased.

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About Sample Forms Can anyone think about a life where they are not confronted by forms at every turn? While the cost of any one meal may exceed the allowance, you may economize on some meals to offset the more costly ones. For instance, a promise can be very informal and has no value if it is done verbally. All undistributed gift cards must be kept in a secure and locked environment.

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Accounts Payable Forms

Airline travel voucher and frequent flier mileage are not reimbursable to employees for travel in connection with university business. Only those individuals having budget responsibility or individuals to which that responsibility has been delegated may approve invoices and expenditure requests. See Chart of Accounts for reference. All contracts not in compliance with the guidelines listed above will be returned for correction. The accounts payable form is also known as the aging of accounts payable form.

It also helps in creating a unique form by giving an assortment of categorized articles for choosing the formatting, apt words, no. If a receipt is lost, the traveler is encouraged to seek a duplicate. Regent University will reimburse its employees for authorized expenses incurred while fulfilling their responsibilities as employees after proper University procedures are followed.

Accounts PayableAccounts Payable Forms

This form is used to help you identify the accounts not fully paid for and it is sometime called the trade payable. Suppliers allow delivery of supplies so they are paid for at a later date. All authorizations and account coding should be made directly on the face of the invoice. Independent Contractor Agreement Template.