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Pros None that I can see when compared to other readily available video players. That means is easier than ever to watch iPhone videos on your Windows machine, or add YouTube videos to your library, and watch them on your mobile device when you're offline.

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You can also choose to surf RealPlayer and other videos in your playlist even while playing any video as it then minimizes the video in the form of a snippet. One great feature of this media player is that it lets you add videos to Favorites for accessing and watching them later. It has an option called Media Library which automatically scans for all media files on your system and makes a playlist of them.

Play it, view it, and sync it to a portable device for enjoying on the go or even share with devices around your home all from one place. Additionally, these media players come with other advanced features as well, like, media library management, playing online radio, some of these are skinnable, equalizer, and much more. There are many ways to contribute to Able Player, and we welcome and appreciate your help! Real Player used to be a good, passion of christ wallpapers useful program. You can use this media player to play locally stored media files as well as web videos shortlisted by RealPlayer team.

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It also has a locally-hosted chapters track. As I said, all of these support most of the common audio and video formats.

Crashes way too much Every time it crashes you have to re edit any clip info you changed. The values of these two data attributes are the video start and end times expressed in seconds decimals points are allowed. HaiHaiSoft Media Player is a media player which gives an impression of using some portable media player. Every time it starts, I have the impression that I am being conned, lied to and spied on. It has media controls similar to Windows Media Player.

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But the first thing I tried, failed. RealPlayer Cloud is one of the best media players in the market which is capable of playing almost all types of media formats. If Real Player doesn't fix it, I can't see why anybody will continue to use it.

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Customizable caption display. When I display pix for view, I want to see all of the picture.

Lacking ability to create playlists or libraries without internet connection, creating a gateway for hacking. Their once very useful player for Windows has been given a lobotomy and now has to call home to mama as it performs every action, there are very few good features, most are simply a pain. Not have part of it covered by some info bar. Otherwise it will start at the beginning.

If you want to open a particular file then you can do so by right clicking anywhere on media player. This helps screen reader users to distinguish between caption and description text. Summary Every time it starts, I have the impression that I am being conned, lied to and spied on. Click here to review our site terms of use. This is useful if multiple elements appear simultaneously, but some need to fade out earlier than others.

For additional examples of both audio and video playlists, see the Able Player Examples page. They try to push cloud storage for all files through automatic processes. Very annoying if you're working in another window, say transcribing or writing while listening to a favorite video.

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Able Player will parse this transcript and interact with it during playback. This feature is that it supports various hotkeys which saves you from going to each and every tools and then subsequent option. To add another language, see instructions below under Contributing. You can customize audio tracks, audio device, visualizations, stereo mode, media information, Codec information, effects, filters, and much more. And while the flexibility of the cloud is definitely convenient, it's almost becoming standard for major media players at this point.

Get Media Player Classic here. The media player is equally good in playing both audio and video formats without any problems. Supports either a single audio track or an entire playlist.

Will be displayed in the player until the video is played. Features Supports both audio and video. Summary I hope they go absolutely bankrupt. This code applies to all use cases, both audio and video.

This player also supports lot of audio and video formats. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. How descriptions are ultimately delivered depends on which of the above methods is used, and on user preference.

Drag-and-drop functionality and a handy Create Playlist button take any confusion out of the process of making your own playlists. What do you need to know about free software? Pros Play, rip, burn cds, and other things. Cons After a while, it forgets some songs, or duplicates parts of albums, loses songs or whole albums and generally messes up your whole library. Able Player has been translated into the following languages.

Sample audio tracks are provided courtesy of Terrill Thompson from his album Flavors, by Flow Theory. You can easily navigate between all the options while using this media player. Grab your stuff while you still can.