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Hi Sandeep, How can I test inner app pages with token authorization? More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. You need to run the two commands mvn site -Dallure.

Article Summary X To use a protractor to measure an angle, start by aligning the small hole in the middle of the base of the protractor with the center point, or vertex, of the angle. Nice blog and something new. It's generally easiest to draw the straight line in a horizontal position on the paper. Could you please provide any sample of that.

Using the Protractor Automation Tool to Test AngularJS Applications

How can i convert it to html Report? The number the line passes through is the angle's measurement in degrees! If posing rigs are used often on the same model, consider placing the rigs on their own Layer. Any angle you measure with a protractor may be thought of as positive.

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Looking forward for your reply. Stellar article and the pictures made it absolutely foolproof! But some libraries are not included in Selenium.

That is common knowledge for any student of math to memorize. We use cookies to provide you with a better on-site experience. After successful installation, create a report output directory inside your project folder and specify the report output directory name in the configuration file. Hi Sandeep, I have installed the protractor in defalt location.

Please follow the following steps to configure the reporter. As long as you ensure that the protractor is oriented upon the face you're trying to measure, picking the origin and two endpoints is simple. After installation make sure its path is configured correctly, so that command execution can find Node.

Align the vertex of the angle with the center of the cross in the origin. Hi Sandeep, I have installed Proctrator in my system and created one sample script. You can use the flat edge of your protractor to draw this line. Hi, Nice blog and something new. Kindly help me in this with Example.

Hi Sandeep, I want to write a common action and re-use it multiple times in protractor. Thank you for sharing such a nice helpful information! Did this article help you?

Click here to cancel reply. Follow the opposite leg of the angle up to the measurements on the protractor's arc. Also, how can you debug your code using protractor? Otherwise you will have to recheck the installation.

Hi Shinos, i am trying same. But just want to know how you perform if conditions in protractor tests. Then the rig visibility can readily be toogled on and off. Really very useful blog post.

So you can read angles form different directions. Most protractors have two opposing ruler grids, one on the inner side of the arc and one on the outer. Open the command prompt and type in the following command to install protractor globally.

To know where I have to do improvements. Hi Sandeep, I am selenium Automation tester. Grouping the rig would ensure the rig geometry will not stick to the model geometry. It can be placed anywhere on the line, but is easier just to use the end of the line. Even I am not getting any report generated for protractor testing.

Protractor and Rotate Tools. Protractor Installation For this project, the Protractor framework is being used and configured on a Windows environment.

Cookies make wikiHow better. If Protractor is installed successfully then the system will display the installed version. Hello guys may i know whether protractor does all the functionality tests and also checks data for the inter dependent components, thank you in advance.

Please help me in resolving the issue. Please revert with your findings. Doing this step first helps you identify which scale to use on the protractor. Install Jasmine reporter by typing the following command on command promptnpm install -g jasmine-reporters. Element is not defined at Please help me out here.

You can install protractor locally in your project directory. Then, gently rotate the protractor so that one of the legs of the angle falls on the baseline of the protractor. Can you please share the details of the tools used, if you have any success writing scripts for automating your app? Add the following code into your configuration. This point will be your angle's vertex.

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Remember, the baseline is parallel to the edge, but is not the flat edge of the protractor. Place the origin over the center point, or vertex, of the angle you want to measure. Master the cardinal points. The script which I got from web is working. You can now read angles to three decimal places.

Can I use Protractor in this case. You have really such a nice helpful information here. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. The same principle applies, but isn't mentioned in the Protractor section.

Unable to run protractor using jenkins - Stack Overflow

But still, I am not able to start the test cases. Trying to install protractor locally in a project folder but not able to do that. Hi Sandeep, ahang Is there any example frameworks available for reference to create a framework other than Page objects in protractor. Find the degree of the angle you wish to draw on the protractor's appropriate scale.

Place the origin of the protractor at one end of the line. By understanding how the parts of a protractor are used together and following a few easy steps, you will be an angle expert in no time. Did this summary help you?